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Gurit AMPROᵀᴹ 13kg. - multi purpose epoxy resin

Resin Kg 10,00
Hardener (Fast or Slow) Kg 3,00 
Choose the complete package (resin + hardener), 
 just only the resin or only the hardener

AMPRO™ is a multi-use epoxy system by Gurit, awarded for its innovative technical characteristics and for its particular attention to the environment. Simple to use, it can also be used at low temperatures for gluing, coating, lamination and filling...

derived from the famous SP 106 and reformulated with:
new 3:1 mix ratio (volume)
No surface residue, even at +5° C 

From: €200.00 to: €380.00
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AMPROᵀᴹ, a quick, practical and convenient epoxy system for a wide range of processes 

Professional: first choice of craftsmen and shipyards for gluing, laminating, filling and painting
Safe: absolutely lowest toxicity, with limited dangers for people and the environment
Stronger: more flexible, specially designed for woodworking
Residue Free: No surface residue when cured and will not clog sandpaper
Waterproof: system designed and optimized to withstand the marine environment
Easier: Overlay up to 4 days later without further surface preparation
Faster: Improved curing at temperatures up to +5°C
Glossier: Improved paint job with reduced surface defects
Greener: Organic solution using a high content of plant-based chemicals
Simplified: Four unique systems with interchangeable hardeners and the same 3:1 mix ratio 
here is a collection of short video-tutorials, especially useful for beginners (if you're using a smartphone, rotate it):

 1.) Workspace and substrate preparation

the workspace, tools and surface preparation
 2.) Dispensing and mixing: 
mixing resin and hardener: by volume with syringes, tubs or gurit pumps; by weight with scales (not necessarily gurit's)

3.) Coating: 
application of AMPRO™ resin as a protective varnish   

4.) Filleting: 
a strong bonding of the corner joints with the technique of AMPRO™ resin fillets with fillers   

5.) Sheathing: 
lamination of reinforcing fabrics with AMPRO™ resin 

6.) Bonding: 
gluing on larger surfaces
7.) Filling and Fairing: 
smoothing and finishing with AMPRO™ resin and fillers, above and below the waterline.



Product Details
AMpro safety data sheet

tutte le informazioni sulla resina AMpro per la sicurezza nell'ambiente di lavoro e nel trasporto stradale

Download (243.51k)
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