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Didi 34 - cabin completion

We are in the final stages of closing the cabin for Francesco Romano's Didi 34, in Sicily (Italy): the outline of the  sky, after painting, is ready for installation.

When possible, it is good to finish the pieces before installation; so you work better, with less effort and greater speed. In this case, with the silhouette not yet resting on the cabin, Francesco painted comfortably and without tiring. If he had put the shape first and then painted from the inside, upside down and with his arm always raised, he would have worked twice as hard ...

Note the masking strips in the areas that will come into contact with beams and stringers, on which the shape will be laid and glued.

Didi  34 sagoma cielo tuga pronto per la verniciatura
Didi 34 - la sagoma del cielo della tuga verniciata e pronta per la posa
Didi 34 - i correnti sulla tuga che sosterranno la sagoma del cielo 

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