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Oil Filters

"Old Items" air filters, running out. 
Many of these filters are no longer in production, 
therefore difficult to find as original spare parts 
in stock at other stores.

For easier search use the "search in catalog" function 
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Oil Filters

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3517857-3 VOLVO PENTA oil filter

Genuine VOLVO PENTA spare part diesel enginesAQD21A, MD21A, AD31A, AD31B, AD31D, AD31L-A, AD31P-A, AD31XD, AQAD30A, AQAD31A, AQD21A, KAD32P-A, KAMD300, MD21A, MD22L-B, MD22P-B, MD30A, MD31A, TAMD22P-B, TAMD30A, TAMD31A, TAMD31B, TAMD31D, TAMD31L-A, TAMD31M-A, TAMD31P-A, TAMD31S, TMD22B, TMD30A, TMD31A, TMD31B, TMD31D, TMD31L-A. gasoline engines230A,...

Price €7.00 Regular price €14.00
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Height 10.42 Inside Diameter 1 1/8-16 Th'd Outside Diameter 4.26 Anti-Drainback Valve NO By-Pass Valve Setting NONE Turning Specification 3/4 Base Gasket I.D. 3.59 Base Gasket O.D. 3.98 Base Gasket Thickness 0.25 

Price €10.00 Regular price €20.00
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