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Components, equipment and accessories for your Boat

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Components, equipment and accessories for your Boat

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ANCOR CF 3/4 - CA32 Water Filter

3/4 "bronze water filter, AISI 316 stainless steel filter element and screws. For small and medium marine engines. R.I.Na. approval  N. 15/648. R / 81  A=162 B=138 C=110 D=152 F=3/4P G=32

Price €73.00
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Engine Control Cable C2/C8

C2 / C8 remote control cables for inboard / outboard engine control. Item running out, latest sizes and brands (Ultraflex, TX Morse) still available

Price €13.00
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flexible coupling 7961

transmission shaft joint FIAT 1100 103 D R 4098479 866369 installed on many small marine diesel engines. also sought after for vintage cars. DIMENSIONS: Internal Ø 51,00 mm Ø external 130,00 mm Ø hole center distance: 96,00 mm 

Price €28.00
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