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Idea 850 in Poland

slowly but steady; slowly but with method and precision, the Polish construction of idea850 proceeds, unfortunately the climate allows only a few months a year for works that involve the use of resins, given that the boat is in a sheltered but unheated structure.
Some images of the various stages of construction; next step lamination with the internal glass fabric (exterior already done) and fixing of the internal reinforcement structures, floor currents and bulkheads (the bulkheads have already been cut as seen in one of the images); the construction is a classic strip planking construction, therefore the construction sequence foresees the construction of the hull plating glued on a "dummy" made from temporary sixths, the external and internal lamination in glass fabrics, and then hull rotation and assembly and banding of all the internal reinforcement structures, and then construction of the covered cockpit and deckhouse which are in marine plywood panels.
For superstition we don't say when the launch is expected...

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