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AMPREG 31 KG. 22,68 (resin + hardener)

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Due to the high cost of ADR
(Accord Dangereuses Route)


(€450.00 oppure... (es.)

From: €140.00 to: €450.00
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biaxial fabric ±45° - 300g/m²

weight: 312g/m², biaxial ±45° execution. High quality e-glass fabric, carefully selected and guaranteed by SP Gurit High Modulus® height 1270 mm - cut and price / linear meter (not fractions) Reduced price for quantities ≥ 10 m and ≥ 20 m  

Price €8.10
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Gurit SP Microfibres

Allow you to create strong structural adhesives. When the microfibres are added to the resin / hardener mixture, they absorb an abundant quantity of product (SP 106); this causes the adhesive to increase its volume and concentration. For vertical applications, colloidal silica must be added, which makes the mixture thixotropic and does not allow dripping....

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Gurit SP Glass Bubbles

They are hollow rigid glass spheres. Combined with SP 106 they provide a particularly waterproof grout, ideal for the submerged parts of the boat, where a perfectly smooth surface is not necessary (as due to their nature they are very hard to sand). small package: jar Lt. 5 approximately (kg. 0,3) large package: bag kg. 5 

Price €31.00
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Gurit SP Microballoons

hollow microspheres of low density phenolic resin; once added to the SP 106 epoxy system, they have the characteristic of increasing their volume by decreasing their specific weight in order to form a light and easy to sand grout. The reddish brown color typical of this inert filler makes it aesthetically ideal for gluing dark woods. small package: jar...

Price €45.00
In Stock

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