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Bette 500


A seakayak family for homebuilders, with hull lines optimized for coastal cruising and sea-camping , suited to be easily build by a homebuilder in plywood and epoxy.

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Bette 500


the founder of the family, maximum initial stability, and a very good compromise among performances, ease of use and drag, with a really huge load capability, to whitstand all the stuffs needed for a long range coastal camping use; two huge sealed volumes on bow and stern guarantee floating no matter what you (reasonably…) do. See our blog for further infos and sea-trials.



Hull Length:  500 cm

Hull Beam:  64 cm

Paddler weight range:  70-90 kg

Kayak weight (approximately):   20-21 kg

Total recommended maximum weight:  60 kg


more details on modernwoodenboat 

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