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Plywood - Okoumè

Marine plywood with excellent resistance and durability performance in conditions of extreme humidity and salinity

Thanks to their unique water resistance, Okoumè marine plywood panels are the ideal choice for carrying out structural projects that require durability performance in a marine environment even in severe conditions.

measures 122x250cm
thicknesses 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 mm
Minimum order 3 sheets, even of different thicknesses

Price at our warehouse (MILANO - IT)
You can pick up the plywood sheets with your own vehicle/courier (option on check out page) or choise our shipping  (Europe). Depending on the quantity of sheets ordered, the packaging may be very heavy and bulky and may require the use of a forklift for unloading, or 2/4 people with good arms...

thickness / layers
From: €35.00 to: €111.00
In Stock


Excellent durability and mechanical resistance in environments with high humidity and salinity.
Excellent dimensional stability, it maintains a considerable degree of flatness and is not subject to torsion.
Easily workable, it guarantees strong resistance to the extraction of the screw from the surface Weight: 480 kg / m³
Individually calibrated over the entire surface
Supplied already squared and polished

Composed of layers of derulled Okoumè arranged in an orthogonal crossed vein
Quality of  layers: B / BB
Gluing with phenolic glue in Class 3-E1



The panels are produced in compliance with the NF CTB-X exterior plywood standards. They have obtained the CE marking for structural use in outdoor and marine environments, according to EN 13896. Phenolic bonding in Class 3, resistant to boiling according to EN 314.2 standards.


mm kg/m2
3 3 1,4
4 3 1,9
5 3 2,4
6 3 2,9
6 5 2,9
8 5 3,8
10 5 4,8
12 7 5,8
15 7 7,2
18 9 8,6

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