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Petrel 28


I love sincere , honest sailboats; I don’t believe that a sailboat can perform well in family cruising,   buoy racing, offshore racing. This was my leading concept when I choose to design Petrel 28 plans: a sturdy, reliable, safe, honest, roomy, mediterranean cruising sailboat suited for homebuilders. Cristian Pilo.


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Petrel 28

Petrel 28

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This means that for this sailboat I start to develop coherently a totally new hull, with quite symmetric lines, a decent but not excessive maximum beam, more than an eye to the seakeeping performances, and just a glance at speed performances, somehow a “classical modern hull”, developing hull lines that can be built from plywood panels with “radius chine” system.

The three sailboats launched (two by homebuilders), and the thousands miles sailed, confirmed that my goals have been reached: the Petrel performs beautifully in every conditions, from light air to rough seas, has a great amount of stability when heeled, keep a straight line without viciously pointing the bow on the wind under gusts, it’s a very enjoyable sailboat to helm with a fingertip even on strong winds, somehow more similar to classic sailboats than to modern ones.

Thanks to a good sailplan (mainsail + jib+ small gennaker) , the pace is quite good in every condition, the sailboat reaches his critical speed, around 6 knots, very easily, accelerating steadily after the tacks even in light winds, although the sailboat is not a featherweight one.

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