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Didi 40cr


Plywood radius chine  
fractional sloop, extended version of Didi 38. Optional bulkhead patterns extra.  

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    Didi 40cr

    Didi 40cr

    Plywood radius chine  
    fractional sloop, extended version of Didi 38. Optional bulkhead patterns extra.  

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    Didi 40cr radius chine plywood boat plans
    Expanding on a successful concept

    The Didi 38/40 has become one of our most successful designs, now being built the world over. The radius chine plywood design was an experiment that has grown into an expanding range of performance concepts primarily for amateur builders.

    The Didi 38 was offered from the start with extended stern and longer cockpit, aimed mainly at improved racing efficiency. A demand has developed for this extended hull to be combined with a short cockpit and longer cabin, for improved cruising comfort. We now offer this alternative.

    This version is based on the Didi 38/40, so much of that boat remains in the character of this one. The differences are:-

    ~ Heads moved aft, where most ladies prefer it to be
    ~ Forecabin gains space due to relocation of heads
    ~ One large aft cabin instead of two smaller ones
    ~ Large lazarette for storing bulky items away from interior
    ~ Option of U-shape dinette with fuel tank under aft dinette seat or under cockpit

    As a cruiser, we suggest that she be built with 18mm skin rather than the 12mm standard for the Didi 38/40. This will give her more resilience for long life and safer cruising.

    When buying the plan package for this design, you will receive the full set of Didi 38/40 drawings plus the additional Didi 40cr drawings that cover the variations for the Didi 40cr. The full set includes all rig and keel options that are available for the 38/40, so you are able to combine features to produce the character of boat that you want.

    Didi 40cr radius chine plywood boat plans
    Standard accommodation

    Didi 40cr radius chine plywood boat plans
    Alternative Saloon


    LOA 12.07m (39'7")

    LWL 10,33m (33'10")

    Beam 3,40m (11'2")

    Draft 1.60m to 2,25m (5'3" to 7'4")

    Displ to DWL 4750kg (10470lb)

    Displ IMS trim 4000kg (8816lb)

    Ballast 2000kg (4408lb)

    Waterplane area 18.56sq.m (200sq.ft)

    Immersion rate 190kg/cm (1064lb/inch)

    Wetted surface 27.2sq.m (293sq.ft)

    Sail area (main + 100% fore triangle) 66.6sq.m (717sq.ft)

    Sail Area/Wetted Surface 2.45

    Sail Area/Displ 23.8

    Displ/length 120

    Prismatic coef .56

    Block coef .44

    Fineness coef .69

    Righting Moment @ 30 deg 3303kgm (

    Righting Moment @ 60 deg 4856kgm (

    Righting Moment @ 90 deg 3342kgm (

    I 14,35m (47'1")

    J 4,10m (13'5")

    P 14,30m (46'11")

    E 5,35m (17'6")

    Mainsail (excl roach) 38,28sq.m (412sq.ft)

    Foretriangle 28,30sq.m (305sq.ft)

    150% Genoa 43,85sq.m (472sq.ft)

    Powering 15-25hp diesel

    Headroom aft 1.9m (6'3")

    Headroom at mast 1.8m (5'11")

    Fuel 190 litres (52 US gals)

    Water 600 litres (165 US gals)

    This design was drawn in CAD in the metric system but the drawings are dimensioned in both metric and inches.


     Plans can be sent either  from DIX DESIGN or NAUTIKIT. Prices are the same, like as the shipping costs, calculated on the project value.   Options for papersheet plans sent by courier or postal service, or pdf plans sent by e-mail in 24-48 hours. For more information see our shipping page. The "Royalty Kit" includes the building plans (pdf or papersheets), the dwg/cnc cutting files and the royalty for the purchase of our construction kits or for  a CNC company of your choice

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