Shearwater 39
Cold Moulded Timber


The following timber list is for construction of all structural timberwork for hull, deck, bulkheads, engine beds, keel deadwood and skeg. Allowance has been made for reasonable wastage and scarphing. Large timbers can be laminated from smaller sections if necessary. Timber is to be selected, free of knots, shakes fractures etc

Construction detailing is for strip plank followed by two layers of diagonal veneers over the outside.

Building stocks and temporary timberwork are not included. Note that this hull must be built over temporary male station formers, not over permanent bulkheads. This temporary timberwork can be made from any stable low cost timber.

MARINE PLYWOOD ( 1,22x2,44m [4'x8']
6mm [1/4"] (laminated cabintop and transom) - 21 sheets
12mm [1/2"] (deck horizontals, transom edge frame, deck doublers) - 14 sheets
15mm [5/8"] (bulkheads,cabin sides and front, cockpit verticals) - 20 sheets

Red Cedar
24x32mm [15/16"x1 1/4"] Coved strip (hull skin) - 2500m [8200']

Meranti, mahogany or similar
3mm [1/8"] Veneers (hull skin) - 120sq.m [1300sq.ft]
6x25mm [1/4x1"] (laminated deck beams, cockpit curved frames) - 660m [2165']
6x50mm [1/4x2"] (laminated deck beams) - 18m [59']
6x70mm [1/4"x2 3/4"] (laminated floors) - 250m [820']
10x200mm [3/8"x8"] (laminated stem) - 30m [98'] ~ can be built up from narrower widths with staggered joints
25x25mm [1x1"] (framing) - 18m [59']
25x50mm [1x2"] (beams, beam clamp, bulkhead framing) - 47m [154']
30x75mm [1 3/16x3"] (laminated sheer clamp) - 54m [177']
30x400mm [1 3/16"x15 3/4"] (laminated backbone) - 22mm [72'] ~ can be built up from narrower widths with staggered joints
35x35mm [1 3/8x1 3/8"] (carlin) - 14m [46']
50x60mm [2x2 3/8"] (sawn floors) - 4m [13']
75x280mm [3x11"] (keel deadwood) - 25m [82'] ~ can be built up from thinner layers
80x125mm [3 1/8x5"] (skeg) - 2.5m [9']
80x150mm [3 1/8x6"] (skeg) - 4m [13'] ~ can be built up from thinner layers

Teak or Iroko
20x75mm [3/4x3"] (Sheer cover strip) - 27m [89']
32x75mm [1 1/4x3"] (Sheer cap) - 27m [89'] ~ Some laminated or sawn from larger to transom curve
6mm [1/4"] Teak covering - 20sq.m [215sq.ft]

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