Shearwater 39

Classic cruiser


The following list of materials is approximate and intended only for calculation of approximate costs. It is not intended to be used for the ordering of materials for construction.

Lengths and areas are based on the actual amounts to be used in the vessel without any allowance for building stocks, temporary framing, bracing etc nor for wastage in cutting to size and shape as required. Wastage on flat bars, tubes etc will be minimal whereas that on plate will be dependent on the skill of the builder and will be in the range of 5% to 20%.

]Plate is to be of alloy 5086 and extrusions are to be of alloy ]5083 or their respective equivalents.

4,5mm Plate - 80sq.m
6mm Plate - 38sq.m
8mm Plate - 9sq.m
10mm Plate - 1sq.m
38x6,6mm Flat bar - 55m
100x6mm Flat bar - 38m
100x10mm Flat bar - 13m
38x38x4,7mm T or L - 214m
51x51x4,8mm T or L - 88m
35mm OD x8mm wall tube - 1,6m
80mm OD x6,8mm wall tube - 2,5m
63,5x63,5x6,4mm wall tube - 2,1m

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