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Preview : new plan coming: Tikino 16

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new plan coming: Tikino 16..  
It was a project that I had started developing some time ago, then I had always lacked the time to "translate" it into a set of plans, work that I have done in the last few weeks.
It is a beach catamaran, removable and transportable on the roof of the car, as if they were two kayaks, boats with which it also shares the stitch and glue construction technique for the 4mm plywood hulls;

Tikino 16 
the cross bars are easy to build, the hull connections are made with 5-6 mm ropes without mechanical elements, to maintain some flexibility of the whole and keep everything very easy to build and assemble; "Wharram-style" sail plan, mainsail and bow, sail area manageable without resorting to trapezes and other acrobatic cat sports stuff; low draft skegs and rudders so as not to go crazy when landing on the beach;

Tikino 16  
Tikino 16 
the first set of plans has already been delivered to the launch customer, the page to be able to buy them on Nautikit will arrive very soon.
Cristian Pilo
From NAUTIKIT Group of facebook  

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