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Crispy 650 Open and 660 Cabin material list

We have added the "list of materials" (pdf) to the pages of two "Italian Style" 21' Crispy series motorboats for the Mediterranean, both in the Open and in the cabin version, compact in size but solid, capacious, versatile and performing in the use.


 Crispy 650 Open

Crispy 650 OPEN 


Crispy 660 Cabin

 Crispy 660 CABIN

In plywood and epoxy resins, for a light but sturdy construction, fast but durable over time

Crispy 650 Open sullo scalo di costruzione  
 Crispy 650 Open hull on building

The material list allows you to evaluate a budget before purchasing the project or have a fairly clear idea of the construction method.

You can find them in the "attached documents" of the respective pages

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