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Dix 38 - 38 Pilot


Steel/aluminum radius chine 
marconi double headsail sloop, swim platform, modern. pilothouse version or conventional trunk cabin deck layout (select version).  
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A steel or aluminum  pure cruising boat that is , comfortable and robust but fast and with a pleasant, practical and at the same time elegant appearance, with different shapes than the "box" ones with the corner boats, yet equally easy and cheap to build thanks to the Radius Chine method for metal.


Pilot version


 trunk cabin 

 The hull has a constant radius curvature between the bulwark and the bottom and a long waterline with a particularly clean living work. The long buoyancy increases the load capacity, with shallow and thin hull lines in the bow for better entry into the wave. The stern area is wide and flat enough to allow clean water outlets. The result is a reduction in forward resistance both in the bow and in the stern, greater speed and better control of the boat at all speeds. A sturdy conical protection plate is welded to the bow forehand.



A powerful bulb with NACA profile, with two options for draft (1.50 m or 1.75 m), in combination with a semi-balanced rudder on a partial skeg gives excellent stability to the boat and easy wheel control. The wide possibilities offered by the metal construction allow however to vary the configuration of the appendix, adapting it  to the requests of those who want to commission a different design.




The rig can be either Sloop or Cutter, slightly moving  the mast aft. In the sloop configuration, the mast is on the deck with two spreaders, low and flying shrouds but it is possible to replace the steering wheels with two backstays and the stay.
In the standard sail plan, mainsail has the half-boom sheet circuit, with the shift on the cabin,  to leave the cockpit free. Infinite variations are possible based on the owner's preferences.


With self-construction or ono-off craft building, various interior options are possible, which is not always possible for large series boats where the alternatives are very limited.


 In the Dix 38 plans  there are at least 6 basic proposals for the interior layout that do not exclude other possible combinations, so that you can really decide according to your needs.

In the Pilot version, with a bright raised "Deck Salon" obtained from a high deckhouse with large windows, it is also possible to install an internal wheelhouse.


The hull can be built both in steel and in aluminum

  Dix 38 steel
Frameless construction is used with steel, that is, with temporary frames to be removed when the hull is turned. The bulkheads are structural, welded to currents and floors. The boat will therefore be lighter.
With aluminum there is no reason to limit the weight of the hull, so that the frames can be permanent.

The structural calculations of the hull are in accordance with the ABS Guide for Building and Classic Offshore Yachts, specific for metal constructions. ABS (American Boureau of Shipping) is the most important American certification body, recognized also by European ones (RINa, Lloyd's etc.).



LOA - 11.70m (38' 5") 
LWL 10.25m (33' 7") 
Beam 3.80m (12' 6") 
Draft 1.5 & 1.75m (4' 11" & 5' 9")
Displacement 10000kg (22040lb) 
Ballast 2800kg (6171lb) 
Sail Area (Main + Fore-triangle) 67.0sq.m (720.9sq.ft) 
Sail Area/Wetted Surface 1.85 
Sail Area/Displ 14.9

 Powering30-40hp inboard diesel

Area Waterplane 22.66sq.m (244sq.ft) 
Immersion Rate 231kg/cm (1293lb/inch)
Wetted Surface 36.3sq.m (390.6sq.ft) 
Fineness Coef 0.67 
Block Coef 0.40 Prismatic Coef 0.55
Displacement/Length 259 

Righting Moment @ 30 deg 5399 kgm (39051ftlb) 
Righting Moment @ 60 deg 7497 kgm (54226ftlb) 
Righting Moment @ 90 deg 5419 kgm (39195ftlb)

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