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Marine battery switch


Made of black polycarbonate, flange fixing; fitted with watertight rubber cap and splashproof.
key. Model with nickel plated brass key pin, very sturdy. "CE" type-teste in compliance with directive 94/25/CE (EN ISO 28846).
Obligatory for mounting on a positive cable, under ISO 10133 standards. 

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Continuous Duty Solenoid SPST 12V 85A

- 4 stud, Insulated stud earth - SPST Normally open (one circuit) OFF/ON - Copper Stud terminals 5/16″-24 - Insulated Coil terminals 10-32 - Plated steel housing, nuts & washers Inc. - Mounting holes 8mm x 15mm, 56mm CTC - Mount with brand cap facing DOWN - Int. ratings: 10 sec ON, 30 min OFF 

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