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steel or alum radius chine
marconi cutter, swim platform, 2 keel options - modern. Select Your version: aft or centre cockpit, pilothouse, hard dodger (only aluminum). More details on www.dixdesign.com

plan option
delivery: 24/48 hours for pdf - about 20 days for paper / mylar. Shipping cost included
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  ... a boat that can take anywhere in the  world and suitable for any habitats: from the ice of the high latitudes, to the long sailing in the roaring,forties  to the sweet wandering in the heat of the atolls of the South Seas A comfortable, robust and powerful but simple, beautiful and possibly fast boat.

The choice of metal, steel or aluminum construction is the best for a boat that meets these characteristics. The Radius Chine hull allows a simple and rapid construction; more over, thanks to its absolutely modern shapes, it ensures high speed and stability. 




The numerous ocean crossings show that the Dix 43 does not fear hard conditions, indeed, it can happen to surf on the wave at over 20 knots in full control, not bad for a metal 43 '!!

It is possible to choose between 4 solutions for the deck: central cockpit, aft cockpit, pilothouse or hard top:




 Dix 43 AC (Aft Cockpit) - The aft cockpit version has a low and slightly angled deckhouse that connects to the Flush Deck bow. The cockpit is deep and well protected, with comfortable seats. The project includes two options for the wheelhouse: one conventional with the classic cable system and one with shaft and pinion, with the tube passing between the hull and the cockpit. 


 Dix 43 AC (Aft Cockpit) 
The interiors are comfortable, developed around the central position of the engine, ensuring easy access for maintenance. The standard drawings of the project offer the alternative for two or three cabins,
Dix 43 AC Layout A & B




Il Dix 43 CC (Center Cockpit)  has a long deckhouse with the cockpit above the engine The wheelhouse has the conventional cable system.  


Dix 43 CC (Center Cockpit) 
The cockpit is in a well-sheltered position, with comfortable and protected seats. The interiors develop around the cockpit, with three separate cabins  

Dix 43 CC Layout



Dix 43 Pilot  - In recent years, the demand for cruise boats with a raised deckhouse, the so-called Pilothouse, has greatly increased, with large windows, a comfortable raised lounge and an efficient double wheelhouse. The reasons for this new trend are manifold but all attributable to the requests for greater comfort, both in the port and in navigation, as well as the need for many to sail by maneuvering also from the cabin, with excellent visibility and complete protection.  

Dix 43 Pilot, pozzetto di poppa con tuga rialzata pilothouse   

The raised lounge allows a good view both from the dinette and from the wheelhouse, visible in the photo on the left. The U-shaped dinette comfortably seats eight people. the table is made up of folding shelves to always have the best use of space.
The boat center chair is actually the engine locker, with easy access from any position, both for maintenance and control operations.
On the starboard side there is a large chart table, barely visible in the photo, with spaces for cabinets, electrical panels, control stations, and the internal wheelhouse connected to the main cockpit. For those who do not want the double wheelhouse, the space can be occupied by an even larger chart table, a locker or a guard bunk. Also on the starboard side, behind the armchair in the chart area, there is access to the aft double cabin.


Going down  to the bow we find the U-shaped galley on the starboard side, in an area separate from the sitting area and with plenty of space for the fridge, oven and cabinets for supplies.



On the left there is a fourth cabin with part of the double berth below the dinette and, following, the toilet.
Finally there is the bow cabin, also equipped with a large wardrobe, with the two classic V-berths. The Dix 43 Pilot has 6 berths in three spacious independent double cabins, each with a spacious wardrobe. All berths are divided longitudinally to be able to fix the anti-roll sheets in navigation in bad weather. A single aft cabin is sufficient for a boat of this size and reduces complications.


The latest proposal for the Dix 43 is an aluminum version with aft cockpit and an integrated hard  dogder, a solution that is becoming increasingly popular among ocean cruising boats

Dix 43HT, pozzetto di poppa con hard top, (solo in alluminio). 

This interior layout was created to the specifications by the first owner of the 43HD but it is also possible to use one of the two standard versions of the 43AC.


In all versions, a two cross-tree cutter rig is the most efficient solution for a cruise boat of this size, with a well balanced sail plan for both strong winds and light airs. The furling genoa and a good gennaker will complete the equipment of the sails. In the new HD version, moving the mast forward makes the rig look more like a masthead sloop than a real cutter but maintains the usual two bow sails.


The hull can be built in steel or aluminum. The project follows the ABS rules  for metal ocean-going boats which allow to eliminate weight where the load is not very high and to reinforce where it is necessary. This type of construction is called "Frameless". ABS (American Boureau of Shipping) is the important American certification body, also recognized by European ones (RINa, Lloyd's, Der Norske Veritas etc.).
In the steel construction we have 4mm plates for the sides and 5 mm for the bottom and radial area, as well as reinforcement areas on the keel that reach up to 20 mm thick. The live work can also be built with 4mm plates, reinforcing the currents and saving about 450 kg.
The aluminum construction requires greater thicknesses for the slabs but is still lighter and uses all the frames for structural reinforcement.

Many Dix 43s are currently cruising around the world. The images refer to the Dix 43 Pilot Blue Pearl in aluminum, recently transited also in Italy.    


Dix 43 - caracteristics
LOA 13.35m (43'10")
LWL 11.87m (38'11")
Beam 4.10m (13'5")
Draft 1.45m or 1.80m (4'9" or 5'11")
Displacement 14300kg (31517lb)
Ballast 4000kg (8816lb)

Headroom 1.96m (6' 5")

Sail Area (Main + Fore-triangle) 91.44sq.m (984sq.ft)
Sail Area/Wetted Surface 1.96
Sail Area/Displ 15.7

Powering 45hp inboard diesel

Area Waterplane 28.65sq.m (308sq.ft)
Immersion Rate 293kg/cm (1640lb/inch)
Wetted Surface 46.77sq.m (503sq.ft)
Fineness Coef 0.67
Block Coef 0.41
Prismatic Coef 0.59
Displacement/Length 238

Righting Moment @ 30 deg 8756 kgm (63330ft.lb)
Righting Moment @ 60 deg 11918 kgm (86200ft.lb)
Righting Moment @ 90 deg 8888 kgm (64285ft.lb)

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