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Cam-Matic® Cleat 150

Harken® ball bearing 150 cam cleats hold lines securely and release instantly for easy, precise trimming. Aluminum Cam-Matics® are hardcoat-anodized for high-load, high-wear, continuous adjustment applications.   Height (mm) 30 mm Fastener spacing (mm) 38 mm Length (mm) 65 mm Fasteners (mm) 5 FH mm Width (mm) 32 mm Maximum...

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Harken 001 - 57mm / 2.25" Block — Swivel

The 57mm (2.25in) blocks are compact and lightweight, with fast trim and release under high or low loads. Perfect for dinghies, scows, beachcats and iceboats, as well as small offshore racers and cruisers. Sheave Ø57mm (2 1/4in) Length 108mm (4 1/4in) Weight 128g (4.5oz) Shackle pin Ø5mm (3/16in) Maximum line Ø12mm (7/16in) Maximum working load 227kg...

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Harken Bullet Classic

Low-friction Bullet blocks lead control lines aft. They are compact and lightweight, with fast trim and release under high or low loads. A range of styles lets these blocks adapt to almost all control line applications. Wire Bullet blocks use roller bearings to carry higher loads and feature Hard Lube-anodized aluminum sheaves for strength and corrosion...

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Harken Micro Blocks

Low-friction Micro blocks are compact and lightweight. They are ideal for sailboards, smaller dinghies, and lightly loaded control lines on boats of all sizes.Micro block sheaves run exclusively on ball bearing systems for fast trim and release under any load. Delrin® ball bearings are UV stabilized with carbon black for maximum protection. Stainless...

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